Water is life, and remains the most important environmental, cultural, economic, and spiritual wellspring we share.

At the Watershed Security Fund, we are dedicated to safeguarding the health of British Columbia’s watersheds for future generations. We are working towards establishing a permanent funding stream, co-developed and co-governed with First Nations, to support building resilient and healthy watersheds across the province.

A Historic Investment:

On March 6, 2023, the Province of BC made a historic investment by announcing an initial $100 million to ignite the formation of the Watershed Security Fund. Established through a collaboration between the Province of BC and the BC First Nations Water Table, the Watershed Security Fund represents a significant milestone in safeguarding the health of our province’s invaluable watersheds.

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Our Mission and Purpose

Our mission is to preserve watershed resilience and health through good governance and planning, collaboration, sustainable practices, and community engagement. By investing in projects that prioritize reconciliation, ecosystem restoration, climate resilience and sustainable economies, we ensure that our watersheds remain healthy and vibrant for generations to come.

Through innovative approaches and strategic partnerships, we aim to address our watersheds’ urgent and long-term needs while upholding our commitment to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP).

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The Real Estate Foundation of BC (REFBC) and the First Nations Water Caucus (Water Caucus) – with the First Nations Fisheries Council (FNFC) – are honoured to collaborate as partners in this inspiring, impactful, and healing work. Together we provide interim stewardship and support the co-development of a permanent entity for the Fund.

The Water Caucus

The Water Caucus has a key role in providing oversight and direction for planning and implementing the Fund co-development process. The Water Caucus is comprised of the First Nation delegates who participate at the joint B.C.-First Nations Water Table (Water Table). The Water Table addresses water and watershed security issues of concern between First Nations in B.C. and the Province through co-development and consensus. The Water Caucus was first convened by FNFC in June 2022 and has worked with the Province at the Water Table over the past two years to co-develop a prospective Watershed Security Strategy for B.C.

First Nations Fisheries Council

FNFC is a non-profit society that works to develop a cohesive and united voice among First Nations in B.C. FNFC, as the secretariat to the Water Caucus, implements the goals and priorities of the Water Caucus and carries out the substantive operational work. They are partnering with REFBC as interim stewards of the Fund and supporting the co-development process.

Real Estate Foundation of BC

REFBC is a philanthropic organization working to advance sustainable, equitable, and socially-just land use across what is known as B.C. For many years, REFBC has been proud to work with First Nations, local governments, the Province and a broad network of partners to advance watershed security through its grants, research and convening, and as host of the Healthy Watersheds Initiative.